October 25th, 2013

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Let's see, if I had a choice between getting...

a root canal with a spoon or go to the grocery store again today, which would I take? neither. They're both helpful in their own way, but can both be painful during or afterwards. My grocery store, for reasons unknown, decided to move products from one Gondola to another. So, I spend a few minutes looking for grape jam, and only see, popcorn?? or, they moved it to the other side, 3 shelves up? Shoppers get into habits of knowing where products are. they can zip right into the store and get what they need and be gone. YAY shoppers! But for some reason, marketing seems to want us to spend more time in the store. Shame. having to hunt for what I want doesn't get me in a mood to try new stuff, only get the heck out of there in a huff.

Now, off my soap box. ( they didn't move the soap-it's still occupies one whole aisle)

it's TGIF. I watched "Pacific Rim" last night. if you haven't seen it, please give it a view. I think Guilarmo Del Toro has invented the live action mecha movie. For real. This is one of those films that as kids, we'd see it and talk about it for weeks later. When we were in grade school, we'd walk to school and talk about the movie trailers that were running on TV at the time. We were pre-reviewing them? one stuff flick was "Angry Red Planet" or "The Giant Claw". yes, we saw those films as first run at the corner theater. What fun. ah....... Well, memories aside, I think I'll try and watch "Pacific Rim" at the I-Max and in 3D.
man, we sure have come a long ways!

So please do enjoy this last weekend of October. Go out and rake some leaves?