October 22nd, 2013


ok ok. I forgot there was 3 seasons of Gargoyles....

I finally watched the last collection of volume 2 Season 2 last night. It didn't end how I remembered it. There's another season called "Goliath chronicles". Bummed! after first being aired 19 years ago, good old Disney finally release's Season 2 volume 2. But only a hint at the 3rd season. This is no way to run a business. You have product people do want but your not allowing them to purchase them.

It is supposed to S.N.O.W. today. nothing that will stick, still....it was 80 degrees 3 weeks ago???

I hope today goes smoother than yesterday did.
I still have 2 brand new books to read. maybe I'll give them a go today. oh, clean out scooters kitty litter box. I love animals!

and, Ridley Scott is working on Prometheus 2. Now that could be a film worth waiting for.