September 29th, 2013


Fall, a beautiful time of year...

Ah, the leaves gently fall to the ground. You stub your big toe on a rock you can't see, because the beautiful leaves have covered it. Ah,, fall. Why am I not wearing shoes you ask? it is 80 degrees outside right now and it going to drop temps like a rock this coming week. Yay global warming. ( It's all a big lie, they keep telling us).
I watched Tom Cruise in "Jack Reacher" last night. very fast paced and actually a good film to watch. This is the second Tom Cruise movie I've watched this month. The first being "Oblivion". I liked that too. Can't put my finger on why, but I watched it 3 times.
Now tonight, Montebono is on World Views Mystery. ah, my Italian detective show. I wait all week for him and the gang. it's on at 9PM EST.
Well, back to hunting down the cat's play mouse. he must have swatted it good this time.