September 25th, 2013


See that cute kitty in the corner over there?

Well, it's because of "IT", I have to go to the store today to get milk. Which is bad for him they say, but he expects it either each morning or at night. One lick of or should I say, flick of his tongue, and he's done. For that, I will walk 5 blocks, get a gallon of milk and walk back 5 more blocks, plus the gallon of milk. ( of course, I will pick up some health food, you know, candy bars, sweet rolls- for me, not the cat!). This is my Wednesday.
I will then probably watch the senate pass a bill to fund the government till November, but more importantly, shut up that hay seed from Texas, ted cruise or whatever his name is.
cute cat

ok, I'm back.

and scooter actually jumped up on the table, waiting for his dish of milk. All that work, for a fur ball......."GOLDFISH" for a pet next time!