September 7th, 2013

Mojo JO jo

Bad monkey.....

Mojojo knows. My cell phone works just find. All I needed to do was read the manual on HOW TO TURN IT ON. The on button has to be held down for a second or two. It works just fine.
Boy, talk about feeling like an idiot.
That was a good thing on Friday. Then the new home owners insurance dude called: he can save me over $300.00 on my policy!!! The other company, who I had done business with for a long, long time, sent a photographer over, because they didn't have a photo of my house!!! oh boy. She read off a list of things she wanted to know about. I got thinking, if they didn't know this, how were they determining what to charge me for my insurance??

But, here I am, Saturday and thinking about doing the things I've put off.