August 31st, 2013


most people think of a summer outing as going to Great America, or Universal Studios tour......

Me? I spend most of Friday afternoon talking with AT & T support techies. I got back from the hospital and sent e-mails, no problem. then, something funny happened. I could receive E-mails, but couldn't send them??? I hadn't done anything. Turns out, mr. A T & T decided Friday afternoon was a good day to upgrade their mail servers. They also changed the name of them. Finally, I had a techie take control of my computer and boy, did he ever upgrade my mail servers names, port values and SSL. I was happy. I got to send E-mail once again. you know, this could all have been avoided by telling me this would happen and I could have change it before there was a problem.

Now, it is the last day of August. Let's see what adventures come today.