August 8th, 2013


Where's Mr.Bumpy when you need him!

I miss that little green glob. The old Disney Channel used to show all the old favorite Disney toons. Now....... I guess if your a 13 year old girl, the channel's just for you.
I wonder how he'd handle all the nastiness that's going on in the world of politics. Gads, I'm ashamed of how they treat "Everybody!".

Another night with nasty arthritis. August is usually my bad month, but wow, three days in a row! So, I watched Tom Cruise in "oblivion". Not bad movie. Where did I put the popcorn.
Tonight, I think I'll try "Lord of the Rings" Fellowship of the Ring, extended Blu-ray. I haven't watched The Hobbit yet, but I'm itching to do so.
ok, back to something, anything.