July 2nd, 2012


It is 8:41PM and the temp over here is 91. Sure, theres no such thing

as global warming. Right, and I'm a Mongolian scuba diver! I am begining to really not like 90+ temps. Not for 2 weeks and counting. I have out doors work to do and this aint getting it done.
I did manage to make out all my bills and do the laundry. I was thinking of running through my neighbors sprinkler, but I would have to stand in line? well, almost.
I got my pre-releast copy of "Sector 7", a Korean SCi-FI flick. yay me. Maybe, if I don't fall asleep I'll watch it.
My alarm cat got me up at 6AM, 7AM and a few times after that. yay me. I love being half awake most of the day. no, I cannot take a nap. it just doesn't work like that for me.

hope your cool where ever you are.