May 8th, 2012


Ok, why does hair turn silver when you get older??

I used to have jet black hair, and it was wavy and curly. now.....looks like sandpaper and feels like pins sticking out of my head.
I got a hair cut today and voted. The Hair cut was sucessful but the vote when down the drain.
I think I need to mow my lawn and will do so probably thursday late afternoon. I have a club meeting tomorrow and really would like to stay home and watch the NY Rangers play hockey. Maybe I can do both?????

I had a pizza for dindin tonight. I was hungry and lazy at the same time. I have to quit doing this. Once every 2 weeks or so, ok, but this is a little much.
got up early due to meowing, hungry cats on front porch. poor things, they were soggy yesterday. I wish I knew more neighbors. at least the ones who still live here.