March 2nd, 2012


good gosh...

tornados, ice storms and rain and thunders. Wow. What is going on with the weather? this is scary. I want snow when its winter, not the begining of spring. decided to get a pizza again. I didn't really get a lot of grocies yesterday. $10.00 doesn't buy much now days.
I'm think about geting a 22 inch led computer monitor. any suggestions??
I am really liking Windows 7. it has not froze up once. within 2 1/2 weeks! Can't say the same for Windows 95. LOL.

I have a problem here: imagine this, a guy walks into an Elementary school, while its in session, to vote. He has a gun stuck in his waise. He doesn't see anything wrong with this. The school called the police and they checked him out. He was doing nothing, but exersizing his 2nd amenment rights. B.S. He is my candidate for Stupid person of the year.

my second person is Rush Limbaugh. I think either I've lost my mind, or the worlds gone crazy.