February 28th, 2012


Another night, sleeping with the cat curled up right next to me.

the problem is his 9 inche nails. sometimes he has a cat-mare and wakes up in a fighting stance. He's gotten me a few times, but I'm already keeping an eye out for trouble . speaking of trouble, he just spotted him with the notebook on my lap and guess what he wants to do? just onto my lap! I jus got finished writting out the checks for next months bills and I hadn't even got started when out of the corner of my eye, I saw a grey shadow flying onto the table: he wanted to lay right in front on me. On the checks, the stamps, and bills. so, I had to make the time to scratch the cat and pet him and tell him how special he is. He eats all this stuff.

I just heard that a third boy died from being shot yesterday at that school. how sad. my thughts and prayers are with their friends and family.