February 9th, 2012


Beautiful day......for right now.

we're going back to winter over the next 3 days or so they say. Took another bath without all the bandaids on my palm. ah.....
had fun club meeting last night. I've been dised before, but never over so many different topics. I guess he couldn't just chose one and stay with it.
oh well. I was nice. I didn't swear, or spit once ( I really, really wanted to though). doing my stinky laundry. I didn't know medicine came out through the pores in our skin. yuckie.

I had my Dragonball Z Season 1 Vegetal disc 1 checked out: it has a huge crack in it. so.....time to replace before Funimation decides to cancell that series as well. I guess it must be a new business model or something.