December 22nd, 2011


Ho Ho HO...and thats about all that is going to sound or look like Christmas

over here. The extended forecast is in: dry as a popcorn fart till about January 10, 2012. Bummer!!!!
At least Scooter the cat received some unexpected gifts from a strange cat called Jeff ( no relation to Craig Ferguson's side kick Geoff). Jeff the IL cat gave Scooter some toys and treats. The big toy he loves and hid the thing from me for over 7 hours. I thought he might have eaten it.

So now I'm doing laundry and thinking of getting a pizza for din din. Actually, pizza is one healthy dish. ( go look it up- I did)
Well, back to feeling sad over missing my best friend in the whole world ( if he is watching over me right now, he would kick my butt).