November 15th, 2011


I just ordered "Ghost in the Shell" BlueRay.

Since I got this Sony Blue Ray ( its used from a friend who upgraded to a 3d player) I've noticed even non-BR look better. Gosh, do you think I should save my pennies and get a HD TV????
I may have a used one of those coming here too. I think I should explain I have several friends who buy all the latest gear, and then prompt let it sit and collect dust for years without using it. or, it goes in for repair and they can't wait, so they buy a new one before the other unit comes back. Must be nice. Me? I just kind of wait till I can afford it, which now days is a long, long ways off. I need to do so much but simply don't have the money to do it with. ( I know, welcome to the crowd)

Just have hope.