July 15th, 2011


yes, red all over. it's going to become hot over the next 9 days.

But I cooled off tonight eating my neighbors smurges(SP?) and watching "Machete". These guys are crazy. How do you laugh while somebody's head is being sliced off? Go watch the film. once again, these guys are crazy.

but then again, so are the idiots in Washington D.C. People, there's a time to talk about politics and a time to do the work. evidently, they don't know the difference.

I'm waiting to get Scooter the cat inside the bedroom so as to cool him off. My neighbor brough me over some of those Smorud(SP?) and scooter got cat nip. He loves my neighbor now.
Wow, it smells like rain right now, but it is humidity. yuck. here we go. expect me to write more in this blog. yay me.