March 20th, 2011

Geneshalf all anim

the first day of spring, and we're going to get snow within 3 days!

yay, welcome to Michigan. This Sunday, I started off right, I cleaned the Mr.Coffee machine, put the turkey breast in the slo cooker and was going to dust out the insides of this computer: the fans are not cooking like they should. but then, its only 12 years old too. Time to replace and build a newer one. yay my wallet. oh well.
so now I'm waiting for my pal to come over and pick up the 4 godzilla size laser printers. they have a manufactured date of 1998! they just now took them out of service! good old work horse, laser printers are.
I'm thinking of getting an all in one, but am still looking.
Happy First Day of Spring. yay us.

one scared kitty.

we've had thunder, lightening and rain hitting the windows. Scooter the cat is scared of all of these and lets me know about it by jumping up on my lap and demanding to be scratched till the cow come home.
can't say I blame him. it is strange to say the least to see all of this just before a snow storm????