February 5th, 2011


wow, what difference between tv series...

I am on dvd 2 of fist of the north star, series 2, and it is different. a good difference too. But, as it is sub-titled in english, I'm tempted to watch the 1 series with sub-titles too.
busy day. woke up to a scraping sound. my neighbor had her boyfriend on the roof shoveling snow off. wow. "Would you do that for your boyfriend or girlfriend?" and then, he proceed to re-clear her driveway and sidewalk. what a guy!!
My neighbor who lives behind me came over to tell me she's having 2 of her brothers come over to shovel her driveway. right now, there is a snow tunnel so people can get from one block to another. and, not stopping there. The land lord of our repeater dropped me a note saying there was a hole in the repeater building and could we please fix it.
yup. done. by our trusty repeater site maintenance dude.
all in all, it was a very productive day, except for the poor mailman having to deliver one of those stupid loose leaf flyers. gosh, doesn't he have enough to do without that crap?