January 20th, 2011

Yakari Smiling

It's cold outside.....

and my cat is running from me. I kind of like having him curle up next to me. but tonight it feels cold outside. I just watched "Heavy Metal 2000". I can't believe I saw "Heavy Metal", the first one, when it was a first run and on a theater that had a BIG SCREEN. I also saw Alien and a coupld of Arnold Scharanegger flicks there. Now, it's an empty lot. nuts.
I managed to get a lot done today. I hurt my finger by twisting it in a stupid recycle cart. ouch. oh well.
tomorrow is another day.

It's going to be a cold weekend. good luck with that. its winter after all.

Had my typical Thursday dinner with the boys. Whopper Jr. with medium coffee and fries. It's still slippery out and now, the snow is covering the ice. yay.
Found out my pal is going to have to take a driving test. due in part to all the nasty medicine he's taking?? Never of that one before.
I'm already planing on how to stay warm over the weekend, Scooter the cat. meow.
I got absolutely nothing accomplished today. It's from taking that stupid muscle relaxer last night. it always gets me depressed for one or more days. but it does work. My finger is much better. thank you very much.
now, back to texknzyld or something like that.