January 16th, 2011


I can't believe I actually have more Godzilla films to view...

I'm trying to figure out why there appears to be 2 films titled "Mechgodzilla". interesting. they have different photos on their dvd cases. Industrial Light and Magic, Weta studios, and others. so I'm fascinated by a guy walking around a rubber suit. albeit a 200 lb rubber suit in which one fains every once and a while. I don't think I would want to do that.

I had a very pleasent surprise just now. We had the plow trucks go around and around and around our block, just packing the crap out of the snow against the curb, and filling driveways so you'd have to have a bulldozer just to get over the hill they make. I went out to shovel it away and presto, some nice thoughtful neighbor, shoveled me out! wow, that made my day. God Bless him.
Gojira L

Ok, I now know I should watch 3 Mechagodzilla films

Wow, now I get to catch up on two more Godzilla flicks. Yay for Toho.Now heres the question. Will Toho make another Godzilla flick??? As long as they don't get squirrely, it would be swell. I won't hold my breath. You know, it would be nice if somebody created a stegosaurus or/and Triceratops godzilla type monster. just a thought there. I think it would surely beat the smog monster. yuck.