January 12th, 2011


a do nothing day.

it's cold, bright sunshine and cold. the snow is not good for packing, so mr.snowman has to wait. and to think what Boston is getting right now! 12-18 inches of snow. oh well. maybe this weekend?

I've got a meeting to attend to tonight. should be interesting. I hope. I've never seen so many apathetic people in my life. not just in our club, but all over. its as if a blanket of depression has laid over the world.
I know, lets all go and cut a hole in the froze over lake and put on our swim suits and take a dip. yay. that would wake us up. sure.. among other things.
Back later.
oh, did you know if you listen to the japanese version of "Darkside Blues", you get to see a different version of the movie? I didn't know either. but you do.