December 31st, 2010


aha. the clock is counting up to mid-night, where we all will

turn into the great pumpkins???? Wrong story? Well, I woke up to thunder and rain and lightening and one scared kitty kat. All the snow is gone. pal in MN's temp got up to 0 today. part of that is heading this way. Tomorrow will be a high of 50 and a low of 20, with rain, snow, sleet and maybe freezing rain.

ah, a great way to start the next decade. yay us.

A Happy New Years to all of you. May next year be without problems, only joy and love.

Well, less than 2 hours to go.

The most memorable New Years Eve was me sitting on the couch, eating ripple potato chips, watching " D.O.A.", circa 1954 or so. I think I may have watched "Highway Patrol" with Broadrick Crawford. Now, chose between Lost, american idol or perhaps "are you smarter than a 3 year old".

Times change.

Well, have great New Years.