December 27th, 2010


Hey, winter just came back ..

wow, it is cold, even with a kitty curled up next to you. But he wouldn't get under the covers with me. Nuts. I think I need another Samoyed. yay. It looks like a dreary January day, cold, icy. yuckie poo!
I wouldn't change it for the world. I'm waiting for my pal Bob to come by. Time to top off his gas in his truck. You never know what this weather will bring. He was going to enter Art Prize this past year, but breaking his leg took him away from his easel. He's at art class right now. actually, they have a model who sits for them and they draw her.
It's the absolute last week in December 2010. sad to see it go. the fall, Christmas aways seem to go so fast now days. Not to mention picking up all this stupid coal somebody left in my socks! Wow, I must have been a naughty boy, huh? ( I don't remember having that great a time!)