December 23rd, 2010

Yogi pointing

If it aint one thing......

I now gave myself a deadline to get the newsletter out. Well, tomorrow I have three folks coming over, and thats counting "Bob". I have a feeling he has made up a grocery list of things I need to do for him. But then I won't see him till Monday, possibly. Funny, scooter the cat is sitting on the AV unit and I have "Dragonball Z's Cell" paused on the TV. it looks strange. I guess I had better head to nighty night. I guess sorting out 2000 pieces of e-mail is an accomplishment in one way.

Tis the night before the night before Christmas..

Wow, sure got a lot of things done today. I woke up and thought about helping my neighbor with her recyclables. So nutty me went outside in 22 degree weather and dragged her cart out to the curb. yay me. They finally emptied them and I once again went out and froze my tootsies off draging the cart back. on the way across the street, one of my friends pulled up and gave me a home made Christmas present: vegie soup. yum. As I was talking to them as they were about to leave, another pal pulled up. He drove over 50 miles so I could go with him to try and get a computer program called drassel(SP?) working. the problem is he's running vista. and my cat knows more about vista than I do. We had ended up having a nice talk about his family and life in general. our family knew his family for over 40 years. I gave him his present: a MP3 player. yay me. I then gave his family Dragonball, Halloween, Labyrinth, and another DVD title I forget. After he left, my Bob came by and we went and put in 43 bucks worth of gas in his truck. yay him. ah, tis the season to be merry. more later.

Burger King got it right this time. Yay.

The evening turned out great. Got to chat with my neighbor pal. He, like me, is planing on spending the next few days by ourselves. We both enjoy "quality " time by ourselves. I've thinking it might be nice to watch "Dragonball Z", the cell saga. Ergo Proxy is good too. I kind of wish I had saved enough money to be able to get "Black Lagoon". It has been discontinued and the present stock on hand is going through the roof in price. First Geneon, and many many others, and now, perhaps, Funimation??? Lets hope not. I also think "D.O.A.", the 1954 version, would be nice to watch. Maybe I'll do a lot.