December 22nd, 2010

Otanas translation

For all who may have commented in my journal and have ....

wondered why I haven't responded. Simple: AT & T YAHOO! E-mail program. I don't use the Yahoo! mail program, I use Microsoft Offices' Outlook. YAY. however, some time back in November, the stupid Yahoo! mail program, which I do not use, upgraded itself. about 80% of all of my E-mail went a sitting in a spam folder!!!! I know this, because I've just gone through 2,145 E-mails. YAY's me. God Bless the people at Yahoo!.
Now, I have to sort through about 60 different folders and play catch up with really late E-mails.
Sorry if you responded to me and I seemed like I was being snobbish. I wasn't. Yahoo! was. The rats!

I think all is better now.

There, now maybe I can pick up my catching up with my correspondence. I hope.

a tiring day.

I guess writing all those obituaries got to me. But, the finished page certainly is an improvement of that messy gallery. Had to find our old veterinarian. seems she has left her new building and is on her own??? yes, I can't understand what thats about, and I won't get nosy. But finally got her and it was old home week, sort of. She's the best vet I've ever had for my 7 Samoyed rescue pooches and of course, scooter the cat. she is doing house calls again and I might schedule an appointment for the scooter cat. He needs his nails clipped.
Had a nice surprise early this evening. A big Fed EX truck pulled up outside. my pal from minnesota ordered me a gourmet basket of nuts, candy, pretzels and other stuff I've never seen before. great. there goes my weight loss plans for another month. But it tastes great. yum.

I discovered that stupid AT&T YAHOO upgraded their stupid mail program which I don't even use. That doesn't matter it would seem. the spam filter was automatically turned on and presto, just a little over 1259 E mails were jammed into a spam folder I NEVER CHECK.
Oh well. after 2 maybe 3 hours, I got it straighted out.
Back to Cell collecting energy from everybody. Go Trunks.