December 10th, 2010


I really do feel like an Ancientone.

Today is my Birthday. 10PM way way way back in 1949, at Saint Mary's Hospital, I was born. Seems like yesterday. Looking back at all that has happened in the world. What I have and have not accomplished. thinking about what future accomplishments I may or may not do.
You've heard the old saying, " what you wanted to do and what you actually did are two different things". It's true. What plans I had in my life and what life asked of me were so different, I can't imagine how in the world I did what I did. Dont' get me wrong, it wasn't all sparkles and glitter. But, I was the one who stepped in the mud, somebody didn't put it there for me.

Now, I'm thinking about starting the rest of my life ( what an idiot- I already have!).
more later.

It was a good day. I gave myself peace and quiet, with a tad of well wishers calling. But very special friends at that.