November 29th, 2010


Birdy Mighty...????

I just saw this series being promoted on RACS and TRS. I have what I thought was the complete series, if one could call a two disc set a series. "Did they re-do the series?"
Felt a lot better today, but still a little dizzy at times, but way better than the previous two days. Big Bob showed up and sure enough, he wanted to get skones and crystal light lemon favored tea. and I didn't feel good. Lucky for me my cashier lady looked up the tea and all was okay dokay.
We had to go to Nantucket bakery for the skones. but, I knew there was more to it than that. 4 apricot skones, 2 cheese and 2 chocolate and two loafs of sour dough bread. and you wonder why I'm sick??

got the paper work done and then received criticism about it. can't win. oh well.
Watching Austrakuab Football. I do love watching the mates score points.