October 30th, 2010

windows xp autumn

to carve or not to carve, that is the question...

I can't decide if I want to spend that time carving a pumpkin or not. I've been a busy boy today. decided to have a pork roast ( the first time I've ever done one by myself), brought the 6.5 hourpower lawnmower up the basement stairs and vacuumed the front and rear lawns. I was one tired dude. I took a bath and got word my cellphone was on the way. I can't believe I'm just now getting one. mainly, it's because I'm having oodles of problems finding a decent motherboard that will work for longer than one month and will actually work the first time.
but, I don't know. I'll try this baby out and then what???

What's a Blackberry? why does it cost $395 or more?
I'm an innocence when it comes to these units. "Help"

I'm going to relax tonight by watching either or both, "Scandal" by Aikra Kurosawa and "Sky Crawlers". I don't know what it is about those films, but there good.

oh, Happy Halloween..BOO.