September 28th, 2010

Dragonball Z

it did rain?

quite a lot too. so tomorrow I'll try and mow the lawn once last time for this year.
The squirrels are certainly working overtime picking up the butternuts. there almost gone!
windows xp autumn

what a terrible day with logging on...

not just here, but everywhere. I couldn't remember which was which. but I know if I keep them on one program, there will certainly be a program out there to take control of it.
I also just found out that Microsoft is no longer making Money. oh great. I guess Quicken it is then. "Any more surprises?"
at least I did mow the lawn and discovered that mr. squirrel is hiding nuts in the on porch trash container. the little rascal. I wish I could afford to feed those guys. I'm having problems just with me.
but its getting better.