September 7th, 2010


wow, fall came in with a bang

gale force winds, kicking up huge waves on Lake Michigan.  even with the temp in the mid 70's, it felt cool.  We were accompanied by oodles of butternuts falling off the tree, hitting everything from van's to awnings.  We went shopping today and discovered the pop counting machine was  all gooey.  We still managed to count 24 dollars worth of pop and beer cans.
Then for din din, serge made chili. yum. just what the weatherman ordered.
Right now, I'm sitting on the front porch, waiting for  my desktop pc to c ool down: it was  a tad hot at 150degrees F.  I hate it when things get old. Except my girlfriend, if I had one. she would get better with age.

ok, back to watching something.  We watched "The Isle" this afternoon. great Korean film.