September 4th, 2010


YES! Dublin vs Cork. Sunday night Gaelic foot ball

and it's only 61 degrees outside. yay.  I'm doing my laundry while cuddling scooter the cat.  He really wants to be held now days. well, gosh, maybe I do too?

Here comes the scooter.  Everytime I start writing in here, he decides I need to cuddle  and scratch him, till the cows come home.
Michigan, if you don't like the weather.....three days ago, the night time temp at 11 PM was  81.  It's 8:50PM and it's 58 and dropping. yay.
no snow, but I keep peeking outside.
It really felt like fall today, but that will go all away within 48 hours. Back to the oven.  yuck.