August 15th, 2010

Boys be boys

65 years ago today, Japan surrendered, ending the pacific war of WW2.

I see that everybody  ( almost ) in the Japanese goverment and Royal family ( do they refer to emperor as Royal?) were giving a minutes silence at noon today.   The world sure  has came a long way since then, but, perhaps not far enough?

Why do the Japanese have a "Bon" vacation this past couple of  days?? trains that are holding 120% of their capacity.  just a thought.

I knew if I waited long enough, the weather would become nice again. it did.
I'm sitting on my front porch typing away, while  enjoying a dew point that is only 53 today. not 73 like yesterday and early this morning.
Now I  feel like going out and actually doing something, like mow the lawn, ect ect.