July 17th, 2010

Dragonball Z

see the pretty dragon.....no, over there....

He's  responsible for  all this nasty, hot and  muggy weather. so, don't write your congressmand, but do write Funimation.
We rented "Shutter island" and  2012.  What ever you do, please give "Shutter Island" a view. We stayed up till 2:10AM watching it. It is good. One of those rare films that is really a created masterpiece.  2012, another film from the team who gave us "The Day after tomorrow" and Godzilla.  oh, don't forget to watch "District 9".

of course, most of you have already seen these films, but I haven't watched a new film in years.  I got really tired of seeing Hollywood's same old scripts.  Indie's are great for the most part, but Hollywood just  turned  me off. 
Till now.
you got any suggestions???