July 9th, 2010

Geneshalf all anim

what a week...and it aint over yet

Just got off the phone with my artist friends wife. Bob went to pick up some canvas and brushes and  fell. This time, he fractured his other leg. Diabetes have a hard  time healing bones. I have no idea when he'll be up and adam, but one to two months is a safe bet.
My other pals son is not so good. He suffers from a psychotic condition ( he hears voices) and  decided that by over dosing on his anti-psychotic meds and drinking oodles of hard whiskey they would go away.  The only thing that went away was his heart beat, and that for 10 minutes . He is in ICU right now and it doesn't look good.

Me, I volunteered to clean up my neighbors garbage bag that rocky raccoon had gotten into. what a nice person I am.
well, rocky must have gotten  pissed at me, because last night he crossed the street and got into my garbage bag. Thing is, her's was  full of chicken and  mine was just piazza??????

oh well.  my buddy who I miss a lot, will be down here over the weekend. he's about the last good, great friend I have  from my brothers days.

I do miss them.