June 24th, 2010


I just got a shock from a posting in facebook by a friends daughter.

She quoted a poem written in the style of Japanese Poet Basho, One of my favorites. I was introduced to his work  a long, long time ago. this is in his style.

a poem written in the style of Japanese poet, Basho:
        “You only live twice:
        Once when you are born
        And once when you look death in the face”

Notice how this brings me back to my planed trip to Japan?  A friend of mine is in Belfast IReland right now drinking up GREAT GERMAN beer ( I do believe the German's make the best beer!).
Today has turned out much better. Last night was a diaster.

The bacon I bought was bad, the chicken noodle soup was yuckie tasting and the milk soured. What more could go wrong?
I almost ran out of coffee.
but the good news, I didn't mow the lawn today and my neighbor lady brough over some cat nip for scooter, who is snoozing behind me as I type.
Tomorrow, the lawn, she gets done. yuckie poo. But there's still tonight.