June 23rd, 2010


wow, hot sweaty, humid and then.......

I discovered that the bacon I bough on sale, was funny.  Not ha ha funny, but it wouldn't cook??  I couldn't flip it, it stuck to the pan and then I thought I'd have pork chops my neighbor gave me. well, the package wasn't air tight.  bad bacon, questionable chops. so here comes the cheese sandwitchs. even the chicken noodle soup tasted funny. Not my day.
and now we're under a storm watch till "THE COWS COME HOME".
I have to take a bath and then cool off. I did the beding. I usually wash it about every two weeks. I sleep on the top, but it still gets cat dirty.
I think my pal has some serious trouble, and he is hesitating to mention it to me. thats ok. thats what friends are for. we here if you want us.
ok. get out the rubber ducky.