June 20th, 2010


Happy Father's Day, all you dad's and dad's to be.

Here I be, all dressed down, and nobody wants me to go anywhere. sigh. So, it's a good day to be reading through 60 pages of IRS stuff. ah, someday I'll look back on all of this and think, " What an idiot I was!" But, unlike BP, this is how ones assumes responsibility for their actions. in this case, as the big zapper of  our club, I need to address a program we're having  now: we have two peopl in the club who are under 60!  oh well.  so, I should find another way of generating operation money and green stuff to help replace stuff that gets zapped by lightening.
to make a short story very boring, I got interested in shortwave broadcasts when I was a youngster. Simply fascinating stuff.  I then leanred oodles of theory stuff ( not while in college-becoming an electrical engineer didn't fit me- psychologist did). I put a lot of my inquisitiveness into action by becoming an amateur radio operator. great stuff!  If you want to know that cell phone works, how computers can switch a conversation and the people won't even know it.
so much for that. if your interested, I'll write a lot more later.
now, i have to decide between chili or goulash. this shouldn't be a problem, but I've got quite a fancy for the gou stuff. hmmmmm.
ok, enough ramblings.