May 22nd, 2010


got good part of moo???

I didn't make an entry yesterday due to 1. walking up to the store to get my neighbor and me a hersey's bar.
2. Upon getting home, I found my pal sparkey had arrived from Minnesoda. ( They drove up through the upper penisula. )  His  son-in-law wanted to  share  with me a good part of a cow. yup. you heard right. His boss buys a steer every year and he in turn gives it to his employees. what a guy. so now I literaly have the cow in the freezer.
I also went to the grocery store and got oodles of greens. yum.  so, now I'm ok for quite a while.

but, since we seem to be on a food  kick here, my other friend asked me to go to breakfast with him and his wife. Now, I'm a night person and my mornings start around 11AM. So if I go to bed at 2 Am and get up at 6 or so, I'm one tired puppy for most of the day. My body  simply will not let me take a nap. no matter how hard I try. so, here I am, 1: 36pm, watching my neighbor mow her lawn.
I watched Frank Frezetta's  "Fire and Ice" last night and  can recommend it to you. it's a 1982 film and the animation is  outstanding for its time. it's like watching a Frezetta painting come to life. I may watch it later today.
well, time to look over my house and decide what goes and what  stays.