May 20th, 2010

Boys be boys

another beautiful day....

and here I sit on the front porch, with a cup of water in hand, since I'm fasting so I can take a blood test within the next 80 minutes. yuckie. this  is  the kind of morning that is just right for sipping a nice cup of coffee on one's front porch. Not waiting for a stupid needle.
but, this is  kind of my 2 year check up. my dr. wanted to know why I haven't seen him. I told him because there's nothing wrong with me. I guess he doesn't hear  that a lot.
but I'll be back soon to make a proper entry into my journal. ( this is about the first time I've called it mine)
windows xp autumn

Nice quiet evening.

no breeze, no bats. and the rain, she is coming in from the south west. yeah.
Got the blood test done. couldn't believe I just watlked in, signed in and presto, had blood drawn. and its in one of our largest hospitals too.
its dark out and scooter the cat wants the lights on.