May 18th, 2010


I'm begining to like Tachcom's very much.

One gets that way by watching way too much of GITS S.A.C. and 2nd Gig.  two different series. but both great. I wish there was a 3rd gig on the board. it would be interesting where they'd take section 9.
Today I realized that I need  to find a Dr.who is closer to where I live. I'm used to getting on a bus, ride for 15 minutes, get off and cross the street. presto. I'm there.
Now, In a car, it would take just 20 minutes driving without making bus stops. and I'd still have to walk a good distance. nuts.
Tomorrow, if I'm a good boy, ( and I am) I'm going to reward myself for mowing the  front lawn.   and the rear too. its garbage day. yeah.
This is fun. oh well.
ok, time to watch the last disc of  2nd gig.