May 16th, 2010

windows xp autumn

Blue sky, warm breeze, green everything.......SPRING IS FINALLY HERE

well, ok, it was here about 3 weeks ago, but you couldn't see it for all the dark foreboding clouds and rain and almost freezing temperatures we had.
It's about 2:09PM and I'm doing the laundry while sitting on the front porch. Life is good.
I'm waiting for the dinner time to decide if I want to make goulash or not. The Weather man seems to have fibbed to me, us. I thought it was supposed to be cold and damp the frist part of this week. Now their talking about 80 and 70 degree weather. thats good and I'll take it.
I have  a whole mess of winter debris to pick up yet from the backyard and clean it off for summer use.
I am cautiously thinking about visiting Japan. But the way the world seems to be going, I may have to postpone the trip.  that's some nasty business over in Thailand. What the hell is wrong with people?? "Can't we all live together for pete's sake!"

There are times when I wish I could look at the  world  through a kids eyes. I miss the wonderment, adventure ( ok, ok, romance, there, are you happy!) and play.  Some times it isn't fun being an adult or having oodles of responsibilities.

But it's neat in many other ways.  you can eat all the M & M's you want and nobody will yell at you!