May 7th, 2010

windows xp autumn

yuckie poo.

rain, cold rain and falling temps. like from 70 yesterday to 43 today. yuckie poo.
Scooter the cat got me up at 8AM. He knew I had an appointment with the roto-rooter company. Just what I wanted to do, spend oodles of money cleaning out a drain that somebody else contributed to plugging up. The good news. It was way less than I thought. I actually made a pot of coffee, and turned it on before the guy got here. 5 minutes after he left, the coffee was done! now that was fast.
But, I couldn't get back to sleep, so I stayed up and did my laundry and made goulash. what else on a 40 degree weekend.
Tomorrow the mailman collects food for a food pantry. I got him a case of soup. hope it helps.
Now I found that my church is also holding a food drive. wow.
tomorrow is also the fifth third river bank run.  if it isn't one thing.....
scooter the cat has been sticking to me all night. cuddled up every chance he gets.  Thats why I'm late bloging.
ok, I'm going to bed.
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