May 4th, 2010

bonsai Tree

well, I missed calling them, but called a local school engineer instead.

between $150. to $175. ha ha ha. I think between $200 TO $280 is more like it.   but it  must be done. yesterday I paid my bills. whoopee. oh well.  I decided seeing how close I was  to diaster this past year, I would help out others. So, this coming Saturday, our mailman is picking up foods for the needy. ( gads know  we sure have more than enough of them)  I plan on giving him 24 cans of soup.  We talked about what  food would last the longest and be the most helpful for folks whose diet probably is seriously lacking in everything. This isn't much, but its all I can do. I wish..........

I also think on the live journal front, that it's about time for me to redo the layout and design. I love Japan!.  I just checked and  U-verse has an international package of Japanese TV for about $35.00 per month. this is 24 hours of a japanese tv broadcast.
More later. got to start making my salad. I hard boiled some eggs and  now I'm going to use one or two of those puppies.