April 27th, 2010

yumyum anim

Goulash soup.

Yum. I had a request on Facebook for goulash soup. My brother maintained a large index box of recipes. yum.  I passed the goulash recipe on to her. It is very involved.
so, what did i have for dinner. goulash. brother like brother.
I just did the laundry and am now watching "War of the worlds" the tv series. Every one of the DVD disc's has a scuff mark on it. not good.
 my pal called me and wants to go to confession some time this week. I called the priest, but he was out. Maybe later this week.
I also helped a friend out with renewing his FCC license. oh joy. that took only 2 hours. but, its done. yeah.

now, I get ready for a couple 70 degree days, and rain.  no snow. yet.

back to holding the cat.