April 14th, 2010


another beautiful day ....

almost halfway to 80. wow.. ok, here comes the 2nd shoe. it is supposed to drop to 28 degrees by Monday. thats a  night low of course. but I don't like it.  So who do I complain to?
found out my neighbor is upset with me. she thinks I abandoned her. I simply asked her to read the instruction manuel for her brand new toshiba laptop.
oh well.  Now I'm on my quest for finding some sort of replacement computer. I wasn't aware China had Intel manufacturing plants. interesting.
I ordered a new DVD today. sort of a pre-celebration gift. because I'm a good boy (?)
Remember the movie about the "Pig",?   Babe?  Thats the baby. a whole $6.95 or so. I remembered I laughed pretty hard watching that. good flick.

well, time to get ready to jump to face book. got some friends on there.