April 11th, 2010

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a rainy start, then here comes the sun...

I tried to sleep in, only to find scooter the cat had other ideas. so we fell out of bed by 10AM. this was a Sunday remember.
I got a phone call from my neighbor lady: she was on her way to best buy to buy  a lap top. and, she was depending on my advise when she selected one.  Now thats just what I needed. Ever try to help somebody over the telephone when they were buying something? I had to turn on my laptop just to follow which model she was looking at. she finally got a Toshiba and I hope she will read the manual. So many people do not read the manual. then they find out they were supposed to do something, like create a start up disc. which her's did.

Time to clean up. tomorrow I have a lot to do if I can get it done.