April 5th, 2010


"YES!" It's starting all over again........No, not that..

The Aussie Football league starts tonight on Worldview. I get it on Megahertz, which is carried on PBS. Great channel. I get to watch the nightly news from Japan, Taiwan, Russia,China and the Middle East.
oh, I'm sitting on my front porch, enjoying a steaming hot cup of coffee, made with a old but dependable coffee pot. yeah. It's a nice day. sunny sky, chatted with Mr.Mailman for while. He confirmed what I've been suspecting for a while: our old neighborhood has changed for good. The old are gone and now we have oodles of temporary tentants. Thats ok. but changing schools for grade school age kids can't be much fun for them or their sense of security. 
My curiosity got the better of me. I ordered "The Chaos Experiment" with Val Kilmer. They filmed this dog over here two years ago, and it was so good, it went straight to video. LOL.  It will be nice to see some of the old city in the film, but we did that when George C.Scott came here to do some filming 30 years ago.
Well, I guess seeing how its 12:35 PM now, I should get the  rake out and start pick up the winter debris  stuff. There sure is a lot of it around.
I'll do another blog after or during the game  tonight.
Geneshalf all anim

Yeah. Aussie Foot ball. Hell girl and now "Fist of the North Star"

It's been a pretty good day. I raked the fall leaves up, yes, fall. The weather was very moist to say the  least.
I then talked to my bud out in Minnesoda and he is planing on coming here within a few weeks. Yeah.  My friend bob stopped by and we went to get him 10 scones and a dozen huge cookies from the natucket bakery. yum.  I had to fill his truck up with gas: $47.00 worth. Gas is now $2.85 per gallon. I was thinking about buying a pack of cigarettes. $5.90 per pack of nation brand. Wow. I'm now glad I gave up smoking.

Oh, some kind soul bought the distribution rights to "Fist of the  North Star". yeah. We now have something to look forward to in summer.