April 4th, 2010

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Happy Easter

It truly was a beautiful Easter Sunday.  I woke up, made coffee and the pot burned up. But, it made my coffee first ( smart coffee pot).
I then did my readings and read the 20 lb sunday paper. Gads! I swear, the local grocery  stores must pay for their ad's by the lb!
Then, surprize, my neighbor called to ask me what I was having for Easter dinner: She told me, roast chicken, a huge brocoli tree. yum.
The sun was  out, but she brightened my day more!
( no, nothing like that, she's a good friend who is trying to make it on her own. and she's doing it to!)
I then, regretably, ordered a new coffee pot. if I were really  smart, I'd just pick up the phone and call China and place my order with them.
I then went over the paper work for the credit union. I'll give them a try. It's got to be better than the banks we have around here. gads.
Then, I gathered all my energy, and picked up all my credit cards, and shreaded them! ( the darn things jammed up my shreader! they almost got the last laugh).
I also, tried to dust my desktop, but it still shut off do to heat. yuckie!
 well, Monday will come quickly, so better listen to the wind and rain hitting the window and go to sleep with scooter the cat.