March 13th, 2010

Green Mickey

Oh, to ride in a truck with a diabetic who is stupid!

I can understand if somebody just finds out they're diabetic and  behaving like an idiot, but when you've already lost one leg to it, and your an registered nurse and have been for over  30 years,  and still iqnore the demands diabetes places on your body is just stupid.
This is the second weekend Mr.Potato Head has just ate what he feels like, then drive over to my house so we can get something to eat  to balance out his system. Today, he just made it. He  had to have Dairy Queen cheap ice cream (his words!). when he went to pay, He was sluring his words bad. Instead  of saying juggler, he said jugler, as in vein. The guy at the drive through window couldn't understand him. Oh boy.  Take me a way Calgon!
But, the ice cream did help him out a little, at least the truck was going back and forth.

That was my scare for the day.

now to wipe the sweat off my brow....