March 3rd, 2010

windows xp autumn

"Happy Birthday to Whoose...."

well, this was an interesting day. I learned that comerica bank doesn't sell money orders or bank orders anymore. hmmmm. ok. is this what they mean by streamlining?
I paided the property taxes. I have $1.98 left for the rest of the month.  But, they are paid.
I helped my neighbor with her graduate homework. Wow, if the questions she asked  my help with represent gradschool, I think they've watered them down some. and, they don't seem to have a handle on the subject matter.  I definitely should return to school!

It's Whoose's Birthday today. I think he's 41 now. He has every males dream: a photographer on an island taking photos of gals in bikinis.  the luckly so-so.  but guess what? He got married. see, there is justice.

ok, back to petting the cat. poor guys having a rough time with the neighborhood female cat visiting him each night. I won't let him out. He tells me his displeasure. tough.