February 10th, 2010


ah....now this is the February I've come to know and love...

cold, snow and people shoveling your steps at 10PM!   That's what my backyard neighbor did last night. I almost dropped my coffee when I saw the shadowy figure standing outside the front door. She said she did that cause she loved me......


I wonder what Valentine's day will bring??????

I'm listening to classical music because I love it. Toe tapping comes later, now, let me relax the old grey cells.

We got snow. but not like D.C. or New York did. still, I just came in from shoveling a lot of if.  My next door neighbor used his snowblower to create a path for our mailman. A very thoughtful guy.

Well, tonight we have our club's meeting. we're getting ready for the month of eating. This coming Saturday we have our after Christmas dinner and then next week Saturday we have have another dinner. and you wonder why we're all overweight!

See you later.